Your Nutrition, Our Mission.

I am here to revolutionize people’s connection to their bodies and unlock their extraordinary intelligence through food and nutrition. Our ancestors understood that food was like a language that communicated vital information that could enhance or hinder the quality of their lineage (genetic expression). My passion is to help my clients regain the lost ability to interpret the daily feedback of their body and its bioindividual need.

Although this knowledge may have been lost over time, we now have access to cutting-edge tools that provide us with the same insights. What our ancestors gained through observation; we now have in definitive nutrition markers across the microbiome, metabolic pathways, and nutrigenomics that reveals our code and our body’s bio-individual needs. When we dive into the numbers and compare how our intake stacks up against our bio-individual needs, the picture becomes clear. The numbers don’t lie, they offer insight, advice, and guidance for the specific changes needed in our daily nutrition to finally achieve the health and physical form we desire.


With my background in biochemistry, neuroscience, systems biology, clinical nutrition, nutrigenomics, integrative health, and strategic analysis, I am equipped to translate this information into practical nutrition solutions.

If knowing your body's needs is the key to seeing the figure and achieving the health you desire, then how do you get to know your body? How do you know what it has to say?

You need to learn the language … you need a guide that can interpret for you until you build your own body food IQ and become your own expert.

I can be your interpreter.

Learn how to trust in the body's intelligence, because when you let the body lead, you can never go wrong!



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